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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ulverston, and our responses. For questions relating to the Ulverston Town Council, please visit the UTC Website.

Q. Where is the Ulverston Tourist Information Centre?

A. Unfortunately, Ulverston has no official tourist information centre. Instead, we recommend that you visit either the Laurel and Hardy Museum or the town library, where they have collections of tourism leaflets and maps, and the staff will try to answer your questions. Leaflets are also available at Booths supermarket, Ulverston Railway Station, and at a range of shops and attractions around town.

Q. How can I book holiday accommodation?

A. Please visit our Accommodation page, and contact your preferred accommodation provider directly.

Q. When and where are the Ulverston markets?

A. The Indoor Market Hall is situated between New Market Street and Brogden Street, and is normally open from 9am to 5pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The traditional outdoor market takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays in Market Street and the surrounding streets. You’ll find more information on our Markets page.

Q. Are the shops open on Sundays?

A. You’ll find most pubs and some coffee shops open on a Sunday. Also some of the larger shops such as Booths supermarket, Mountain Warehouse, and Tesco Express are open. The majority of small shops will be closed, except where a special arrangement is advertised, such as during a festival or approaching Christmas. Note that some of the smaller shops also close early on Wednesdays. Visit our Shops page for more information.

Q. Can I go inside Hoad Monument?

A. Yes, at certain times. The monument is generally open on Sundays and Bank Holidays from 1pm to 5pm between Easter and the end of October (when the flag is flying). Inside, there are display boards about the monument, friendly “lighthouse keepers” to talk to, and a small shop where you can buy souvenirs and refreshments. You can climb to the top via a narrow spiral staircase, and enjoy panoramic views of the southern Lake District and Morecambe Bay. Visit our Sir John Barrow Monument page for more information.

Q. Is it possible to walk across Morecambe Bay?

A. The bay looks beautiful in the sunshine, but the sands are extremely dangerous. Areas that look solid can actually be very unstable, and the tide comes in faster than most people can run. Sadly, there have been several fatalities in recent years. Only walk on the sands with a qualified guide.

Q. Is it true that pole-vaulting was invented in Ulverston?

A. Possibly. The sport of pole-vaulting may have originated from the pastime of using a pole to leap across Gill Banks Beck. The first known competition was at Ulverston’s Flan Sports, which began in the 1830’s.

Q. Where can I get medical assistance?

A. There are two pharmacies in Ulverston town centre, both on Market Street. The main GP practices are in Ulverston Health Centre on Stanley Street. The nearest hospital A&E is at Furness General, Dalton Lane, Barrow-in-Furness (signposted from the A590).

Q. Where is the nearest supermarket?

A. There is a Tesco Express on Market Street stocking a basic range of goods. Booths at Canal Head is great for high quality fresh local produce. There is a small Co-Op on Market Street, and one on Priory Road. There is a large Tesco Extra, a large Asda, and other chain supermarkets at Barrow-in-Furness.

Q. Can I hire a car?

A. The major multi-national car hire companies have offices at Barrow-in-Furness, including Hertz, Avis, Budget and Enterprise.

Q. What’s the most reliable weather forecast for Ulverston?

A. None of them. Ulverston is on a peninsula, and the weather can be unpredictable. You may experience sunshine and hail simultaneously. If you’re walking in the Lakes, then we recommend the Lake District Weatherline.

Q. How can I list the event that I’m organising in the Events Calendar?

A. You can add it to the calendar yourself via the “+Post Your Event” button on the Events Calendar page, or else contact us with the event details so that we can add it for you.

Q. Can I ask another question?

A. Go to our Questions & Comments page, and ask your question there. We aim to respond within two days, but please note that this is not guaranteed.