Bay Tales
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Bay Tales

Click the Start button, and then use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to scroll the picture. As you move around you can use your mouse to look for stories, and click on the text to read more. The panorama goes round 360 degrees, so if you keep scrolling you will find yourself back at the start. Requires Flash (won’t work on an iPad).

The Bay Tales animation was created by Welfare State International (WSI), and is published here with the kind permission of Sue Gill and John Fox.

Message from Sue Gill and John Fox

We are delighted that “Visit Ulverston” is maintaining the Bay Tales Animation. This very skilful work created in 2005/6 under the direction of Simon Byford was a key part of Welfare State International’s final portfolio. The Bay Tales Animation along with a photography exhibition, song cycles presented in Lanternhouse, the Bay Tales Book and “Longline, the Carnival Opera” (our last show) gave a voice and presence to many people living round Morecambe Bay. This was a crucial strand in our policy of creating art that was accessible, relevant and participatory.

In 2006 on April Fools Day we archived our celebratory arts company Welfare State International (WSI) which we started in 1968, and formed a new organisation called Dead Good Guides, which picks up where WSI left off. We handed on the Lanternhouse building and resources to another company, called Lanternhouse International, which closed within a few years and sold off the building.


Design and Production: Simon Byford
Coding (scrolling pictures and moving trains): Paul Byford
Story Gatherers: Gilly Adams, Sue Gill, Linda Graham
Project Director: Gilly Adams
Additional Help: Anthea Rathlin-Jones, Jay Haigh, Dan Fox and Tom Lloyd

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